Topic List Previews


Got you. And which view type are you using there? (I don’t have a login)

(Bart) #169

Not sure what you’re asking: Tiled View, I assume?

By the way, I just ran into a more urgent issue: as of this morning, adding the ‘featured’ tag no longer updates the featured row. The posts will appear in the featured tag gallery, but the featured row doesn’t refresh for some reason. Is there a way to force-update it? (I just updated to the latest version, but the same thing happens).


Let me see if I can reproduce. Kind of slammed today but will try to look at it at some point.


David what is your preferred behaviour here?

(Bart) #172

I reconstructed the query that fetches the images that are to be featured and determined that it doesn’t include recent uploads because they don’t have a thumbnails field in the topic_custom_fields anymore - this seems true for all new uploads. Did something change there, perhaps?

I updated TLP last Monday which seems to coincide with the time this field started disappearing.


@angus you might want to look at this

(David Kingham) #174

I’m moving away from this in favor of tiles, but my expected behavior before would have been to have the option to either crop thumbnails 1:1 or leave them uncropped and see the same behavior on mobile and desktop.

(MengyuLi) #176

I am not sure how to set “featured topics”.
I have set all of these:

  • topic list featured images tag
  • topic list featured images count
  • topic list featured width
  • topic list featured height
  • topic list featured title
  • topic list featured excerpt
  • topic list featured order


Make sure this is unchecked:

Uncheck this:

This appears to block featured images getting an image. Bug?

Good news is if you re-enable it (which you need to do at present to make tiles look nice), the old thumbnail for features seems to stick around.

This helps increase the priority of the work to improve the thumbnailing logic to respect aspect ratio.

I just solved that issue exact issue with @bartv on his site.

(Luka Renko) #178

I am testing TLP plugin on my site and have noticed that plugin uses also images that were removed from the topic as preview image.

If you check this category, there is animated gif from original version that was later removed.
I would expect that only currently used images would be used for preview.

BTW, if image is added later to topic, when does preview image get added/updated?


Luka, have you tried rebuilding the html?


(Luka Renko) #180

I did, but no change.


I’ll try and repo and revert … currently under pressure on something else so apologies for any delay.

btw, rebuilding HTML will result in a job being scheduled … in my experience this can take minutes sometimes before it is executed. It is on sidekiq’s low priority queue.

(Luka Renko) #182

Have checked again, no change.


Your example seems to be working correctly, the boat logo is appearing and that is the only image in your first post?

(MengyuLi) #184

Thanks for your reply.
What value is expected in “topic list featured images tag”?



this is the list of tags that help collect the data for the featured section - for something to appear there it needs to have this tag.

(MengyuLi) #186

The first screenshot is captured from admin/site_settings.
The second screenshot is captured from the topic.
Does it mean the image in this topic, can be collected for the featured section?


That’s correct. And make sure you have sidekiq running or thumbnails won’t be generated.

(MengyuLi) #188

Thanks. Another stupid question, how to have sidekiq running…
Should I run something like ‘bundle exec sidekiq’ in console?