Topic owner wrongly labeled

I have only encountered this bug once and was wondering what the issue may be. This particular thread mis-applies the topic-owner class to the second poster, instead of the original poster.

Here is the code for the second post:

<div class="topic-post clearfix topic-owner group-brokers regular">
<article id="post_2"...>...</article>

Thank you!

:thinking: My guess would be it came from the result of a split. kellstar hasn’t really created the topic, Matt has.
What puzzle me is why Mike the second poster became the topic owner…
It might have been a transitory thing since I cannot repro this on latest. I tested a split of two posts from two different users (beside the third admin one), the first post landed as the owner of the topic.

Ah thank you for looking into this. This is a good guess! It’s no big deal but I thought I would flag this bug to the Discourse team.

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