Topic splitting made a quote show as deleted message in new topic

I try to clearly describe the bug:

Topic A has 7 posts.
Post 7 quotes a part of the text from Post 6.
We split to new topic (B) from Post 3 and below, because this part is off-topic.

In the new topic (B), Post 4 (Post 7 from topic A) shows the quote to a deleted Post 6 from topic A showing a trash can icon within the quote block, while I think it should show the quote of post 3 (post 6 in topic A) in the new topic.

Can someone reproduce? I’m on (60a235d128)


Yes, I can reproduce that here: Topic splitting test part two - Demo. When I try to expand quote in the last post in the split topic, a request is made to the topic the posts were split from. This returns a 404 response and causes the trash can icon to be displayed.


This is strange. As a guest, I am not seeing the trashcan icon, but the correct quote - with working URL.

Edit: actually the URL is linking to the move message:

What happens when you click the caret icon to expand the post?

Ah, the trashcan. I actually don’t remember if I did see the original quoted text at any moment on my production side.


I had a try at fixing this issue here:

This is a best-effort fix which tries to replace constructs such as post:{old post number}, topic:{old topic ID} using data from quoted_posts and moved_posts, without knowing if it is indeed a part of the [quote] tag.