Topics hidden from flags that are unlisted shouldn't be re-listed if edited

I consider this unintentional, since the point of unlisting is to not make a topic instantly visible while this can be bypassed in a way. As the title says, if a topic is hidden by flags, and a moderator/tl4 comes around to unlist it, the OP can edit their topic if it’s the first time it’s hidden by flags, and it will be unhidden as well as re-listed.


This feels sort of intentional to me … @eviltrout ?

I don’t know if you missed something, I know that when a post/topic is hidden by flags for the first time and gets edited, the flags are cleared and the content is restored. But I am saying when it is manually unlisted by tl4/moderator with the admin button and the topic is hidden by flags, it will become un-unlisted so to speak despite it not being manually listed.

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on our forum (a different one) we have issues with unlisted posts, done with flag+moderation action, in which the user just edit a comma, the content is still the same, and we have no idea that it happened, making inappropriate content again visible on the forum

is there any way to have a notification for when posts are unhidden? it seems to vanify all mods action if we have no idea that moderated posts reappear with the same content

I think it is. I just tried it and it seems logical to me. The topic is flagged hence automatically unlisted. After 10 mins if the OP edits the topic and it will list it again.

However I think the issue @incapaz is on about is that whilst the post is hidden if a TL4 comes along to list and unlist the topic (thinking this has overridden the topic being unlisted automatically) once it is edited it will list despite being unlisted as you can see in the image below.

Perhaps it would make more sense to make staff intervention override?

It is absolutely intentional. The idea here is that people are made aware of the problem in their post and have an opportunity to fix it.


I’m going to bump this to clarify something as I feel I didn’t explain it very well. But my point was, if a moderator/tl4 unlisted it, OP editing their flagged topic should not undo that, since they had the final say. This has proven to be harmful in a community I am in, where rule breaking content gets re-listed, and we have to wait up to hours for moderator to come back to the topic. I don’t believe the user should have more power than a moderator in these cases.

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