Unlisted topics due to community flags still show from home page

As you can see the first topic is unlisted due to it getting enough community flags. However, it still shows up in the topic list from the home page. This is obviously bad because users are still able to discover this topic and reply on it.

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Are you are seeing it in list because you are the admin?

Are they new users to the topic or the existing participants. Unlisting I don’t think will not stop users from accessing it they still have the link in an email reply notification or it was posted elsewhere.

I’m not staff or category moderator in any way, no, I only have TL2 on that forum. Yes, it may be discovered that way but most users of this forum may not be very technical and therefore they don’t really configure email notifications, so that really isn’t a problem. Even if they do reply, the topic should still be completely invisible from the home page. That topic did not gather any replies, it looks like the software only unlists topics when hidden from flags when they have no replies

Community flags don’t cause topics to be unlisted from my recollection? The first post is suppressed on click, but that’s not the same thing as unlisted.

Here’s an example; the first post was flagged to threshold:


Yeah, that’s also my recollection.

Did it get replies prior to being hidden? If it had replies it wouldn’t work.

What wouldn’t work? If the first post is flagged to threshold then it is hidden, regardless of whether there are responses.


The topic should have been unlisted once the OP was hidden by flags if there was no replies in it. But now that I think about it it may be some broken plugin on their end or maybe I am misunderstanding. But in my experience when the OP of a topic with no replies is hidden by flags the topic always got unlisted, but it still showed on the home page but not when visiting the category page itself (forum.example.com/c/slug/id). Maybe I should have asked in the feedback category there first so sorry for the potential false alarm

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Oh, right – you’re correct, if it has no replies, it gets unlisted when flagged to threshold. So the bug would be that in mobile, unlisted topics are shown that shouldn’t be? Let me see if I can repro that on try.

I can’t repro this on try.discourse.org, I’m sorry. Unlisted topics are filtered, both from the topic list and from the category list on mobile.

Are you sure you’re not logged in as staff? Staff can see unlisted topics.


No, i am not forum staff there, i will see if i can possibly get more info about this later.

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