The read post position changed in topic?


I noticed when I go to a topic where I earlier read a few post than it will not continue from that post where I stoped reading.

Now it seems to the read position is the onscreen last post instead of the onscreen first post.

Demo: On the video I scroll to the 14th post and go back to topic list. Than I open it again and it goes to the 18th post instead of 15th.

Yeah something changed because it should also scroll to the last seen line. I think I move it to #bug.

Edit: It seems to it jumps to the last seen line when the post highlight animation ends.
This is because the last seen line is only shows up after the highlight animation (or post loads).

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, several members of my community and I noticed this. It started to happen after we enabled sidebar.


Sorry for bumping but is there any update with this? :slightly_smiling_face: I noticed also sometimes when I click a notification on menu than it jumps a few posts above than where the notification links.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


This is happening in two of my instances. Maybe is related to the sidebar? Before activating it, all worked fine, now users are reporting this issue.

I’m also getting reports of this from my users in the past couple of days, right after we enabled the sidebar.

Nope, I think not the sidebar. Maybe partly cause this commit DEV: Asyncify loadTopicView (#18585) · discourse/discourse@2c5e8f1 · GitHub ? Because it seems to topic elements posts, last seen line etc… load a little delay and I think this is why it jumps to a random posts sometimes. But I am not sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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That update was six days ago, matching the first reports from our users and when I noticed too.

Do you have a sidebar activated in your instance?

FYI I have notified all the relevant engineers about this issue and added this topic to our internal tracking list, we have this prioritized.


I believe that’s how it’s supposed to work? Clicking on a topic in a list takes you to the first unread post*, not your previous position. You can go back to the spot you left using browser’s back/forward navigation.

(* – there are settings, that slightly change that - i.e. navigate_to_first_post_after_read category setting that, if enabled, navigates you to the first post if you don’t have any unread posts left in a topic)

Yup, scroll to the “last visit” marker is a bit buggy. It won’t work if there are any small-posts (like “X months later”) or deleted posts right after it. I’m working on a fix.

This is bug is tracked in Discourse jumps back 20 posts in post history when navigating to new topic.

It might have been fixed in FIX: Correctly reset `controllerReady` prop by CvX · Pull Request #18727 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


@dodesz are you still able to repro the issue?

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Hello Sam,

No, after revert the commit it is good for me.

The first thing I mentioned is probably not an issue :arrow_down_small:

As Jarek said this is how it works.

I think I mixed up this with the logged out topic view? When I logged out It goes to the next post rather than the last onscreen post.

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