Topics muted by "mute all by default" are showing up as new... but not visible

Our site is set up as mute all categories by default. Unfortunately, some things are still “getting through” in obnoxious ways.

I have the conversation forums all unmuted, but the regions (about 700 or so categories) are still showing in some way in the new notifications. HEre’s the hambuger menu"


Here’s the regions category, all the muted categories are listed as subcategories of this one, which I have unmuted:

There are four new threads listed, and the new/updated topics are also in the muted forums. They shouldn’t be appearing for me at all, because I have them muted.

Here’s the actual live experience trying to view those new/unread. Note that I can’t dismiss them as new or unread because they are muted and don’t appear.

Here’s the still of the final frame. ALL of the posts listed here, with the exception of the ones in the Regions and USA :: Georgia :: Macon forum ARE muted for me. The other ones are threads I’ve interacted with in some way (usually unpinning since they like to globally pin things) but are still appearing in muted forums.

I have NO clue what the New posts are, because nothing I can do will make them appear for me.

It will occasionally clear them out and they won’t appear as new after a while, but this happens a LOT.


We can get this sorted, we have a similar fix already in place for standard muted topics.

@kris.kotlarek can you add to your list to also allow for mute all by default?


Hey @Heather_Dudley,

I made a fix. From now on the counter should behave more predictable.

I will close that ticket for now but please let me know if you experience that issue again :slight_smile: