I can not find a way to track adwords conversions with tag manager

hello everyone,

i searched on the forum but did not find any solution about tracking adwords conversions with google tag manager.

If i can redirect users after successfully signup by both email and 3rd party apps i will solve the problem.

Any suggestions please.

thank you in advance.

Any advice please. I think this important for a lot of discourse users.

Can you create a trigger in Google Tag Manager that fires based on referrer and when a user clicks a button (in this case the “Create Account” button)?

I think otherwise you’d need to create a Discourse plugin that sends an event…

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thanks. But If a visitor sign up with 3.rd party apps this would not work . Am i right ?

You mean if someone signs up via Facebook/Twitter or another social method? I think it would still work — all those methods still require completing the form and clicking the “Create New Account” button…

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yes. i see, your are right . I am newbie, Can you give me an example for trigger please?

  1. case ; If some click Create Account Button with uncompleted form as attached, does trigger fire ?


i solved problem as adding a special trigger. Please look image.

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