Tracking weight using Discourse

Apologies if this belongs in Extensibility and please move if so!

I use (and love) Discourse to run a forum that provides free help for men who want to lose weight. One of the popular features of the forum is a regular weigh in, many guys don’t feel comfortable going to mostly-female weight loss groups so - as ever - the internet is our friend.

I’m trying to figure out a way to allow guys to post their weight and have Discourse remember it. That way when they’ve lost 5lbs/10lbs/etc then they can get a badge/notification. It would also allow other members to see where they’ve been.

Can anyone think of any smart ways to have that functionality on the forum, other than just adding it to their profile? I love the way has it as part of the profile questions -

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions. The forum is at - all constructive feedback welcomed!


I see your site is still active, kudos! I realize this is years after the fact but… did you still want to look into tracking this number per user?


I am one of the admins alongside Shan at MANvFAT - What we currently do at the moment and seems to work ok is utilise the added grant badge option from post and manually grant them a milestone weightloss badge.

I am sure there is probably a way we could have used some custom fields and clever SQL queries in order to grant the badges for us.


I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how this could be done today, with many years of experience under your proverbial belt.


I’ll leave that one to @mikechristopher because he’s the smart one.

My guess is that we could pull in data from our beta Progress platform (where guys track activity/self-report weights/measurements/etc) and API it across somehow to grant the badge. Mike?

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