Badges next to username

I have a website and a Discourse forum. On the Discourse forum, I want to put a blue check badge (similar to Twitter one) next to the username of people who pay the premium account on my website. This way, when a user with a premium account posts, a blue check badge is displayed next to its username and shows its status.

How could I do this with Discourse?

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Hello there Lucas,

Off the top of my head I can think of two ways to achieve this. I’ll leave it up to you do decide which one you prefer.

  1. You can use this theme component

This would involve creating a badge for users with premium account and granting the badge to those users.

  1. Use group flairs

You would create a group select an icon to use as a flair and add the members you want to the group.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Group flair is the best way to go. It works out of the box.

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I am using GIF in Group avatar flair and I have to say it’s my next best thing on the Discourse.

I do want to know, if that’s something safe to use or not?

Also I want to know, is it possible when you grant someone a badge, it also automatically give user a avatar flair.

Hey @lcswillems ,

I also had similar requirement for my forum. I am adding all such users in a group and they are automatically grated a blue tick, as explained by @ondrej

I can share my forum’s blue tick, it’s actually a GIF and I love it.

Tick GIFs


I can also share with you few other variations.


I like the last green one too.