TransIP experiences

I just came across this Dutch provider with some interesting VPS offers: TransIP:

Has anyone tested them? (The downside for most of us is that their website is in Dutch only, but Google Translate seems to do a good job translating it. Don’t know what happens if you need support, but the Dutch tend to be excellent in English)

What I find particularly interesting is that every VPS comes with 1000 free emails per day, which should be plenty for most forums. They advertise it as “Carefree Mailing”, meaning that you supposedly do not have to worry about blacklisting (because mails are sent from your VPS). Basically, it is an MTA of your choice on your server: De VPS-mailservice instellen | TransIP

What do the email geeks here say? Is this really a worry-free email service or only for the experts who know the science?

Maybe … I have seen VPS providers get blacklisted for email based on the IP when it was used by a previous client, and then re-used on one’s “new” VPS. :open_mouth:

The upshot of a 3rd party mail provider is that they (in theory) are constantly evaluating deliverability and making adjustments on their end when problems arise. This may not be very frequent, though.

But I’d be cautiously optimistic about this provider. Is the price competitive with other providers in the EU?