Translate all the text strings in one place

Hello community,

I am looking for a solution to see all the text strings at one place and be able to translate them right away.
I am not using the English version of Discourse. Whenever I see an inappropriate translation, I go to find that string and fix the translation.

I wish there was a feature like WordPress to install a plugin like Loco Translate, and see all the strings and fix them at once.


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The best would be to contribute the translation fixes following Contribute a translation to Discourse, that way everyone benefits from it and you can translate from a better interface.


Any other idea?

Thank you @Falco for the answer.
I know there is an option to contribute for the translation for global benefits but this is not a good idea for custom translation.

most of the times I customize the strings to my desired translation which will not work for others.

I wish the admin area had a page with all strings and a field to customize them.
So the Forum admin can fix and customize the translations.


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You could use a plugin to override translations. It doesn’t have to contain much other than the config/client.<locale>.yml and config/server.<locale>.yml files.

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