Translate discobot tutorial certificate?

Is there a way to translate the text on the discobot tutorial certificate? Or a way to upload our own background that’s used for the certificate (so we can just edit the text on the image)?

Hmm, I’m not sure if that’s possible or not. @tgxworld?

Had already answered but the response was canceled cleaning the topic Discourse Narrative Bot Beta Feedback

If I remember correctly the problem was something related to the rendering in other languages, that’s why he used an image, but months have passed, I might be wrong.



is translatable. The other “text” are actually vectors within an SVG.


I have translated whole discobot in Slovenian and have noticed that only one string on certificate is translated, but even this one uses a font, that does not provide all Slovenian characters (čšž are being replaced with some backup font):

Are there any plans to improve this certificate generation or is it just better to assume that certificate is non-translatable and leave it in English?


Appreciate the effort… this one is tricky, since the vector “art” and the words are intertwined.

Translating text in that SVG is nearly impossible, because most “text” is actually a vector. I guess we could start shipping customized SVGs for each language. Translators would need to create SVGs which work for their language by moving stuff around to make room for longer words etc.

Also, we might need to use a different font for the name when we start supporting Unicode usernames. Currently the Tangerine font is used.


I understand - for now, I will just fallback to English-only, no translation version.


I’m sorry to bump this. One of my users completed the entire discobot tutorial but their certificate image didn’t load. I think it’s because their name is in Japanese. Does this bug still exist where if the name is not in English, the svg of the certificate can’t generate?

Another thread about this was posted but is closed: Bug when discobot assigns the name in the certificate

Hmm, it seems this guy had the same bug I did: Discobot tutorial certificate blank

Upon looking at my firewall rules, I already allow incoming on http and https:

Did the user at-least get the badge ?

IMO, I think the cert is just a novelty

Yes they got the badge.

What is the forum URL and the user id?

I sent it to you via PM.

Any updates on this? Broken certificates seem to be happening for all users on my site.

What happens when you, as admin, try to load /discobot/certificate.svg?date=Jul+21+2020&user_id=1 ?

Here is an example:

It says, " You supplied invalid parameters to the request: date must be present".

If I visit their profile, they have the badge.

Can you load


something is not correctly set on the server.

the link:

gives me a date issue

I cannot see the svg. It shows the message about the date. I’m using the official discourse image. Everything else works for me. The discourse doctor shows no errors. The launcher rebuild shows nothing. What could not be correctly configured with regards to the date?

is your 'discourse local dates default timezones' a valid timezone ?

[Edit] For incase you need to check your valid tz:

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