Translation from Lugandan yields uncaught 500 error (in a different Discourse)

Mbalamusiza nnyo ba ssebo neba nnyabo, mugyebale. Erinnya nze Alice Kibombo era nva Uganda…ntera okwetaba ku mukutu gwa English Wikipedia era nsanyuse okubasisinkana ku mutimbagano guno…

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(Oops - I think now that this should be reported in the Discourse Translator plugin). Can this topic / post be moved there? Or should I delete and repost or something? Thanks…)

I’m trying to reproduce the bug seen at Say hello! - #28 by AKibombo - General - Movement Strategy Forum

But it seems like translation is not supported in this Discourse.

Here is a screenshot from that Discourse instance:

The error apparently is related to the fact that Lugandan is supported by Google Translate, but not by the Google Translate API. I don’t see it reported elsewhere here, so please consider this a bug report.

To be specific, while Google needs to enhance their product to support more languages, I think Discourse should catch the 500 error and provide a more friendly and helpful error message.


You’re in the right place. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: Bugs in #official plugins should be here in the main #bug category (though issues with third-party ones should be posted to the respective plugin topics to make it easier for the maintainers to keep track of everything). I’ve added the #translator tag to this topic to tie it together.