Translation to Azerbaijan language

Hi. I need translation my site to Azerbaijan language. But I can not translate language on the

I changed some files with turkey language to azerbaijan (same like language) in files /config/locales/server.tr_TR.yml

but this changed words dont view in my site. Why?

How translated my site to my native language?

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I need to translate discourse cms from english into azerbaijan language. But I could not find Azerbaijan language in your system. That why I can not translate this project to my language. What should I do? Anybody help me.

I think there are some ways to translate Discourse, :slight_smile:

###1: Translate via Transifex, you can see these topics.

###2: Translate through Text Content

Admin > Customize > Text Content

###3: Create Translate language plugin

I found an example on Github, and I’m not sure it can work with latest discourse

Here is a tip how to add a new language


This post doesn’t help me. How add new language on transifex? I don’t have add Azerbaijan language as new language. Or how change for example Turkish language to Azerbaijani? Which I saving tr_TR file on my site this files will be translated on my language?

You could customize the Turkish language strings for your forum on the admin/customize/site_texts page.

In this area 4 section to translate. I need full translate my site. :fearful:

You need to follow this, then send a PR with the changes that we will merge and then the new language will be available on transifex.