Triggering alerts when topic not solved/handled/replied

Is there a feature to automatically alert staff (or some team) that a topic has not been solved/handled/replied to for a period of time?

This will make the solved plugin much more powerful.

What would be perfect is an escalation level type of trigger:

  1. If unsolved for X days, a particular @team gets a PM
  2. If unsolved for Y days, all staff get a PM
  3. If unsolved for Z days, some email got sent to some hot honcho to call down fire and doom

Similar requests have come up before, and they’ve very valid. Item #0 on this list however is to ask users to mark their questions as solved:

We’d be happy to sponsor this work if anyone wants to take it on.


Pity we don’t have any Ruby programmers in-house, or we may take a whack on this…