Automate reminders to mark solutions

I’m looking for a way to encourage our users to mark solutions to topics. Often times they’ll use the like icon instead, or not mark a solution even though there was one within the topic.

Are there any ways to automate some email reminders, or notifications, to encourage topic creators to mark a solution?


I’ve seen this happen quite a lot on the forum. So many times someone has helped a person solve a problem and the solution is never marked as such. Many people who have solved someone’s problem were never credited with their solutions.

Maybe a footer banner reminding the topic creator to mark someone’s reply as the solution will catch their eye while they are reviewing the replies.


I definitely agree with you here @Jason_Schulke. Users are not getting solution or credit for giving correct answer. Additionally, it makes staff work more difficult as they need to fish out a solution from all the posts which could have been done by the OP.

The OP (it seems):

  1. Either have no idea the solution button is there.


  1. Cba to press it?

That may help, but I think a notification or email could be more impactful, especially since users are already have a UI component as a nudge, but aren’t noticing.

Definitely. Another downside is that when you visit a category page and see a bunch of unchecked boxes (denoting no solution), that communicates that people aren’t finding answers to their questions, even if the opposite is true.


I agree with that, it requires work by either users or staff to screen postings and post a reminder to the OP in case a potential solution has been spotted.

In the OpenWrt forum, we use the Canned Replies plugin to post such a reminder:

A good example how an automated reminder could look like: Only recently I got an email from stackexchange: