Trouble accessing Guidelines page

Hi all,

We’ve noticed strange behavior with the link to the Guidelines page on our instance, which appears in our custom header, banner and hamburger menu. We’ve been able to replicate this problem in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The Guidelines page will load fine if navigated to from the homepage, the ToS page, the PP page, the general calendar page, the general map page, but will load indefinitely when navigated to from virtually any other page (a category page, a specific topic, the events calendar, etc.). It appears this behavior is triggered any time navigation is happening from a lower level.

An example:

When you are at and you click on “Guidelines” in the custom header or the Guidelines link in the banner, the instance tries to go to (and throws a 404 error in the console) instead of

I’ve poked around and haven’t been able to find reports of a similar issue. Any ideas about how we could fix this?

This is very similar to a bug we fixed this week, can you update to latest and retry?


Thanks @Falco, will try and report back.


Update saves the day! Thanks.


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