Trouble with a RSS feed

I’ve got a couple of ongoing problems with this, and would love a bit more help.

Problem 1: The expand post content button doesn’t work

I get this in the console:


Problem 2: limited ability to customise the resulting post

The truncated post brings in just the first <p>. Unfortunately I need the second one (the first is junk).

While I can target some ugly HTML passed through from the feed and suppress it with CSS, as well as customise the “This is a companion discussion topic…” text, I’m stuck with the unfortunate inline styling that is passed through. And I miss the highly valuable 2nd paragraph.

Is there a way to get rid of all the HTML elements / styles in there and just bring in the raw text? Or better yet, a selection of the raw text (in my case the 2nd <p> only)?

The second <p> element of each, including
Is this achievable / configurable? I couldn’t work out how to use CSS selectors to achieve this with my feed.