Trouble with finding out which categories restrict a tag group

I’m having trouble moving content between categories and have figured out that it’s because there are some tags applied to the content that are restricted. However, I’m having a heck-of-a-time figuring out which category it is that’s restricting the tag. I wish I could go to the Tag Group settings page and view a list of all categories that restrict that tag group to the categories, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. Does anybody know of a way to do this easily without clicking through each and every category and sub-category and looking up the Tag settings? If not, can this be added as a feature request? Thanks.

Not sure, but imagine the data explorer plugin with a query setup might pull the results

I tried that and was having a hard time finding where the information is stored.

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As mentioned not sure how the query would need to be setup.

The only thing can recommend is to move topics one category at a time.

Otherwise likely an idea to create a cheat sheet if what categories have tags restricted to them.

I have gone through this issue myself. So do sympathize with the headache.

Okay thanks, well perhaps move this topic into a feature request? I would think there should be a way to provide a GUI interface that provides this information consolidated in the tag group’s settings page.

Do you know which tag is the troublesome one? If so, you can go to the tag’s page and click on the tag wrench to see more info:

(or it’s the :information_source: button if you’re not an admin)

It’s one of two tags, each of which belongs to the “Primary Topic” tag group. This is what I see:

And on the tag group page:

I’m assuming somewhere there is a category that has the “Restrict these tag groups to this category” setting, but I’ve gone through every category manually and cannot find any categories that have the “Primary Topic” tag group specified in this setting.


So, I guess I’m at a loss. I’ve been able to successfully move topics from one category to another so long as they don’t have a “Primary Topic” tag specified, but any that have a “Primary Topic” tag specified cause the topic to not be able to be moved.

Could it be the reverse and you’re only allowed to use tags in that category that you’ve explicitly set?

For instance, for plugin we have this:


Without the ‘Also allow other tags’ ticked we could only use the tags in the Resource Status tag group and none of the others.


Bingo - you figured it out. Thanks! I’ll have to go through and make sure that’s checked on other categories.

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