Trouble with YJIT?

On an instance that’s managed with ECS, I did the migrations with SKIP_POST_DEPLOYMENT_MIGRATIONS=1 in a docker container in a EC2, launched the new image on ECS and then failed to rake db:ensure_post_migrations db:migrate (actually, I did them, but on the wrong database). Then I realized I hadn’t done the post migrations and did them. I was then able to log in via the UX and was able to see somuser.password_algorithm and friends in rails on the ECS instance, BUT in the browser, new user creation was still failing with NoMethodError (undefined method password_algorithm=’ for #<User id: `

I finally did an sv stop unicorn to make sure that I was on the right server, sure enough the browser got a 502, and when I restarted the unicorn, I was then able to create a user.

I don’t know if this was somehow related to the yjit template that I added or it’s just something else stupid that I did. I guess I’m going to do another practice run of doing this upgrade on the staging instance before I do it on production. If it happens again, I’ll report it.

Sounds like a bad deploy and running code that didn’t match the migrations, nothing to do with YJIT.


Sounds right to me. I’m not exactly happy with the number of ways this particular process can fail, but that’s my fault at this point.


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