Trust level 0 users can see "chat channels" link, but it doesn't work

At trust level 0, users cannot access chat but the “chat channels” link is visible in the left nav bar. Clicking the link redirects to /categories without indicating any error occurred.

UX could be improved by either reporting an error or removing the link.

Hi @mdemoss :wave: welcome to Meta :slight_smile:

Thanks for the message. I cannot reproduce this on the most recent commit version, nor on a hosted site. When I use a test user with TL_0, I do not get the chat link in the navigation sidebar menu. And if I switch between test users of various trust levels, TL_0 is the only one that doesn’t get chat besides anon.

Are you on an up-to-date Discourse instance? Can you perhaps provide more details of the browser, OS, etc. and even screenshots? Try safe mode as well and see if the chat/DM link appears there for TL_0.


version is Discourse 3.3.0.beta1-dev 7cd5d646d2ea17460210e9540e64ddd9862ce48e

I can repro the problem by opening a private window and browsing while logged out.

When I enable safe mode while logged out in a private window the problem does not occur. Instead I see a “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

However: trying safe mode while logged in at level 1 when I would expect it to work I get the “Oops!” message after clicking “chat channels.”

In which section does your “chat channels” link appear? Can you share a screenshot?

It’s in the top left in the div with class sidebar-custom-sections
I think I understand why it wouldn’t repro now.

Pasting a link to a valid chat channel like into a logged-out private window also redirects to /categories and displays no error message.

Sounds like you’ve added a custom sidebar link to chat, which seems to be causing unexpected issues.

That would be expected if you left the “disable client-side plugin customizations” checkbox ticked.


you’ve got a custom link to chat it seems.

The default chat links to channels and DM’s are these ones in the lower left (unless the order has been changed or they have been hidden by a theme component or plugin).


remove the chat link(s) from the custom menu section and use the default ones.


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