Trust Level 4 - change username?

I’ve been unable to find a definitive answer - can users with Trust Level 4 edit usernames? I think the answer is yes (b/c we’ve had a Trust Level 4 user change their own username) - but I’m wondering if it’s intended? It’s not listed on the “Understanding Trust Levels” post, and up until now I thought only Moderators and Admins could edit them.

Or maybe it allows them to edit their own username but not others? Haven’t tested whether they can edit other people’s usernames yet…

Image of the user’s log:

Currently have the “allow username edit” permission set at 3 days.

Any clarity would be helpful. Thank you.


Depending on your settings and whether or not you use SSO, anyone can change their own username regardless of TL.

A TL4 user can not change other members’ usernames.


So with TL4, even though we have it set that they cannot edit after 3 days, and this user joined back in August. Should they be able to change their own username?

We do have SSO, but Discourse is the authority.

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No, they should not be able to in that case.


Now our Trust Level 1’s are able to change their usernames…we have not changed any settings to allow this. Any feedback welcome.

Edit: I’ve now changed “allow username edit” permission to 0 to see if that works…

This should do it in case you didn’t have the value set to 0 before. :wink:

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