Changing Trust Level Names and Permissions

(kaden ) #1

I am curious about changing the names of trust levels, and their permissions. I have looked around for some information on these features but all of them have either been a bit unclear, outdated (by a few years), or say that the feature was in progress.

Thank you.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

You can safely change the names for each trust level, as well as the requirements to move between them, but not the permissions granted.

(kaden ) #3


And that should be available through the pannel, yes?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4


To change names, go to /admin/customize/site_texts, to change requirements check the trust level category in site settings.

(kaden ) #5

Awesome, thank you the help.

While you’re here, is it possible to add more trust levels?

(Michael Howell) #6

No, it’s not possible to add more trust levels.

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

You can create more groups, which are sort of like custom trust levels. They just aren’t automatic.

(kaden ) #8

And can you add specific permissions to groups?

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

The answer to the question you think you’re answering is yes, but actually, you add the permissions to the categories, not the groups.

(kaden ) #10

I see.

Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:


If we change the tl3 time period to be longer, will that new time period start as soon as I save the change or will it retroactively include older data?


(Sam Saffron) #12

I am pretty sure the change is retroactive but it will take a bit for the batch jobs to run. I would expect it would be fully in effect historically within 24 hours.


Great, thanks. Trying to figure out if we can re-purpose tl3 for our power program.

(Sam Saffron) #14

Also, keep in mind you have the option of using groups for some of this stuff. Groups can be given a minimal trust level if you wish.


We actually want these users to have more rights/access. And for this to be an automated identification and process in Discourse rather than us having to manually add them to groups. We’re basically looking at it as a badge for honor students.


Hi @jomaxro - when I go to my admin, I dont have the Site_Texts option, could you help please!

(Daniela) #18

Take a screenshot of what you see when you go to /admin/customize


hey @Dax sorry for the delay - didnt get a notification :stuck_out_tongue:

I’v been speaking to @jonobacon and he mentioned that I needed to search for the term “Basic” and replace them with another term - is that right?

(Daniela) #20

If you need to change the “basic” users (aka users at trust level 1), then yes.
Note that you will see all the strings where we use the word “basic”, beyond those specific to the “basic user”. I guess you’ll want to change some of the Basic badge strings as well, since they are related to the basic user.