Trust_level default name?

I’ve just had a quick go myself, and changed trust_level_0 to ‘Derek’. However, on the Groups page I notice it is still nestled in with trust_level_1, etc in alphabetical order which suggests that the name hasn’t changed, only the full name. It doesn’t appear that the name can be changed from the Group settings page in the same way as manually created groups.

I’ll have a search based on this, but it may be that this cannot be changed without breaking underlying things.

Hmm, but you did Trust_level_0 yourself. I’ll add that into the mix.

@piffy I can’t find anything so far in Search, nor through the UI. Before I dive deeper, I should check if you did ‘Rookie’ by using the rails console?

Extra info:

This topic seems to have achieved inconsistent results too:

I tried Rookie, and Padawan bit mine don’t change successfully. I wonder what I’m missing?

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