Add Support for Handling Spaces in Custom-Named Trust Levels in Their Group Slugs

Hello again! First off, I want to say thank you to the Discourse team for a fantastic job improving the consistency of slug names versus full names in group titles. Now, I am experiencing a weird issue when attempting to replace the trust level names in my Discourse forum. I replaced all the names to the relevant titles in Jedi vernacular (Nerf herder, Youngling, Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master).

(Well, almost all of the titles are relevant: we expect a lot of scruffy-looking, uncivilized smugglers that’ll need trade in their blasters for a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age. He may also reserve the right to withhold the rank of Jedi Master from members [staff] belonging to the Jedi Council :wink: )

Strangely enough, though, group slugs only changed for trust levels 1 and 2 (Youngling and Padawan). For some reason or another, the others won’t change even after replacing them in the handy dandy text customization section under the Admin panel (under Admin->Customize->Text). Is there another step I need to take to enable the slugs to be superseded for trust levels 0, 3, and 4?

Groups in question:

EDIT: Ah, I think I know what it is. A common thread between all the custom trust levels that aren’t showing their name in their group slug is they all have a space in their custom name which may be breaking slug name generation. Could support be added so these built-in groups can handle spaces in custom-named trust levels?

Any news on a fix or workaround?