Trust level gap reporting?

On a user-by-user basis I can sometimes see the gap between the current trust level and the next one. (Is this only for TL2 to TL3?)

Is there a way I can see this more broadly?

Currently we have 0.6% of users at TL2 and 0 users at TL3

As part of a general assessment of community success & vibrancy, I’d like to get a gauge of the gaps. Do we have a lot of TL1 users who are close to TL2? Ditto TL2 to TL3? And if so, what are they lacking? Are there patterns? Is it completely random?

& BTW this is related to my Community-category question about tuning trust level requirements.

There’s a bit of discussion and a data explorer query you may be able to adapt in this topic:

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