Trying to save a group gives "Alias level is not included in the list" error

I’m trying to unset the “group is public” option, when saving I get a dialog saying:

Alias level is not included in the list

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That comes from the app\models\group.rb

    :nobody => 0,
    :only_admins => 1,
    :mods_and_admins => 2,
    :members_mods_and_admins => 3,
    :everyone => 99

  validates :alias_level, inclusion: { in: ALIAS_LEVELS.values}

Is the alias level in that list?

Nope. Unfortunately, while it kept showing that earlier, retrying it now and it works fine.


Were you trying to edit the group through the admin panel or the new group pages?

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I was trying to edit it though the Admin panel.

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I’m closing this first unless we can get a consistent repro. Feel free to flag this if this happens again. Thanks!