Trying to save a group gives "Alias level is not included in the list" error

(Carlo Kok) #1

I’m trying to unset the “group is public” option, when saving I get a dialog saying:

Alias level is not included in the list

(Mittineague) #2

That comes from the app\models\group.rb

    :nobody => 0,
    :only_admins => 1,
    :mods_and_admins => 2,
    :members_mods_and_admins => 3,
    :everyone => 99

  validates :alias_level, inclusion: { in: ALIAS_LEVELS.values}

Is the alias level in that list?

(Carlo Kok) #3

Nope. Unfortunately, while it kept showing that earlier, retrying it now and it works fine.

(Alan Tan) #4

Were you trying to edit the group through the admin panel or the new group pages?

(Carlo Kok) #5

I was trying to edit it though the Admin panel.

(Alan Tan) #6

I’m closing this first unless we can get a consistent repro. Feel free to flag this if this happens again. Thanks!

(Alan Tan) #7