Tune filtering?

It’s not clear to me whether this falls under ‘support’ or ‘features’ or ‘ux’.

We’ve been getting a lot of posts flagged for review lately. In our history with discourse, I think I’ve only seen one, maybe two true spam posts. (One of which was not caught by the filter.) For all the rest the flags are rejected. And lately a lot of posts have been flagged. For a while it was maybe one every couple/three weeks. Now it’s 3-4 a day.

I looked for a way to tune the filter and came up against the fact that Askimet is external. So I guess that’s why I’m not seeing any controls for it. So okay, I’ve resolved myself to continue clearing the flags manually.

But I just stumbled across this part of the interface:

This is what you get when you click ‘Settings’ on the review page.

It seems to be about tuning… some?.. aspect of… the filter? how the results are presented? which results I even see…?

I’d like to ratchet down detection. Our site is technical and we expect people to post logs (which… apparently? sometimes? trip the filter???) but I’m afraid to mess with these controls since I have absolutely no idea what they actually do. And a quick search here in Meta didn’t find anything.

So… help?


Those controls change the value for that flag type in the reviewables score. It increases the chances of a flagged post being hidden by a ‘community hide’, and can also bump those type of flags higher up the review queue.

If your spam posts are being flagged by akismet rather than users, then those scores won’t help. They look like they’re on the default ‘low’ setting already anyway, so you can only make them more sensitive, rather than less.

I wonder if there have been recent changes to akismet that are triggering this new influx of flagged posts?

Edit: You can check out the settings for akismet here: [your-site]/admin/site_settings/category/plugins?filter=plugin%3Adiscourse-akismet

This one may be useful:

skip akismet posts


Don’t submit posts to Akismet if a user has posted this many times.