Turn off automatic (c) to © substitution

How do I turn off the annoying substitution of © for “(c )” (minus the space)?

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If you want to put (c) in your code use the old <span> trick.

Write it as


Yes it is a bit of a hassle, but it is easy to remember and effective.

I use often when I don’t want linkify works to be linkified.

That is a bit of a hack, that doesn’t work for people who post on the forum. Is there any other approaches?

That makes no sense to me. My response was a post to the forum.

I’m sorry. I meant it doesn’t work transparently. You have to know the hack to use it. So if a newbie posts on the forum, they will have the problem.

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I really don’t know how to respond to that.

At some point everyone will not know the hack, but once they see it, if they know HTML tags, then they should easily remember it.

90% of the time when I write (c) I like it to be converted to ©.

The only place where I don’t want it converted is when I am posting source code with a license, e.g.

Copyright (c) 2020 EricGT

but putting a ``` fence around code takes care of that.

A newbie could also use single backtick fence, e.g.


but I don’t see how that helps because a newbie probably doesn’t know about the single backtick fence either.

It seems you really want an option to turn off the conversion but then you run into those that want or desire the conversion.

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What’s the case where this is being used?

For example, if someone is using it in a list like below:

(a) point
(b) point
(c) point

maybe it’s worth educating them on making numbered/unordered lists in Markdown?


Turning off the enable markdown typographer site setting is an option. But to target only this particular substitution, you’d have to make a plugin I believe.