Turn Off Solution For Specific Topics

In the list of closing topics and making listed/unless there, it would be nice to have a feature where you can turn off the solution for one topic in a category that fits the category, but dosen’t necessarily need a solution.

I support this. I’d think it would allow for further customization of one’s forum.

I would definitely support this although it is something we can live without. Sometimes in a meta category someone say that they can’t upload images on whatever device thay are on and they are TL2 and it would be classed as a more technical support issue that requires a solution but then a question in meta like how do I change my username doesn’t need a solution.


You can do it with a tag and custom SCSS. The tags are classes on the body HTML element, by targeting them you can hide all solution-related elements on the page if a tag is (or is not) present.

I think that @CaptainZac means something like this @JonathanShaw

Oops spelt solution wrong :sweat_smile:

Also, I saw that you have slow mode enabled. Is there a way that I can enable that on my forum?

Depends what version of discourse you are on.

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I am on 2.5.4. Is that good enough?

You will need to upgrade your site to access slow mode.