Turn off "Title seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?"

I’m trying to post a message to my discourse server using the API. The title of the post I’m trying to make is
[2017-09-21] events.linear_spotlight_attribution_rate.events.ga_landing_content_type_bucketed.Doctor.Media..w..Lists.

Discourse responds with a 422 error, saying “Title seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?”

I would like to turn off whatever is checking the title. Having read other topics on this issue, I have allowed uppercase posts and I’ve set the min title entropy to 0 and the server continues to throw the error. I also turned off prettyifying of titles.

Trying to post the message via the UI results in the same error being thrown.

Any idea how to actually turn this off?

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title max word length is what you’re looking for. It turns out, that mostly if someone types a word that’s more than 30 characters, they shouldn’t be allowed to post anything. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jay; that solved it!