Tweets still show in posts after deletion


I am not 100% sure this is really a ‘bug’ but not sure where else to post it. I have noted that if you add a Tweet into a post:

once the preview has added it to the post you can delete it. I have already deleted my Tweet above but here it is in the preview and it will post in this thread.

I guess the point is that if someone posts a Tweet and they delete it then AFAIK it’s gone and you can’t get it back so should the site be caching it? Could it be made to reacquire Tweets every 24 hours or something to make sure it reflects the fact they’re gone?

Or maybe it does and I just have failed to activate something on the site (one is up on our site from 4 days ago for example).


Errr what? I am not following.

You posted an invalid link.

Embeds are cached, yes. I’ve not dug into the code recently to determine what happens if an embed is removed once cached and the original is removed.

On platforms such as WordPress the default is for social media embeds to be preserved. The embed text loses its styling, but the wording is preserved. It makes sense that the content sticks around for context, if it didn’t people would stop embedding and start screenshotting.

The tweet above suggests that once an embed URL becomes invalid due to deletion that it falls back to the URL. I’m going to experiment with this on one of my instances.

Yeah I rebaked it, sorry.

If you see a deleted tweet you want removed feel free to rebuild HTML which will make it go away.

As to adding a task that rebuilds HTML automatically for all topics with tweets on a regular basis, I worry it is impractical to make 1000 requests to Twitter every hour forever just to validate this. Finding a perfect balance is impossible


Thanks a lot! Rebuild HTML will be my tool from now on then :slight_smile: