Ubuntu 22.04 upgrade

Didn’t find this here when I searched. Sharing in case it saves someone else some time.

Updated my discourse Lightsail instance to Ubuntu 22.04 from 18.04.

Everything went great up to the final restart.

Got ssh errors and could not connect.

While this is an AWS Lightsail specific link, the general gist on sshd requirements may help others avoid the 30 minutes I spent searching for the cause and solution.

An easy enough fix once you know the issue.

You have to scroll a bit to find the Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 ssh config related bits.


i got same… i tried to fix that. :sweat_smile:
but what i do.
i just create new one but is Ubuntu 22.04, and install fresh discourse and restore backup file.
its done. :joy: