Unable setup development enviroment(docker) as DiscourseConnect provider

When the consumer redirect to Discourse:
Screenshot from 2021-05-02 19-21-26


I was test fine on my production Discourse instance. I guess it’s a Ember CLI problem?

My development enviroment installaction step: Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker - #160 by hawm


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I have run into the same issue myself, but haven’t spent time yet on sorting it out. I’ll do that early this week and report what I find here, unless someone solves the issue for you before then.

Disable Ember CLI make it work for now, I guess the problem is hightly relate to the Ember CLI what unable handle external redirection.

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FYI not Docker but I’m using Ember CLI with a non-docker dev setup in the cloud

All I had to do was redirect calls to port 4200 (in my case using nginx) which connects to the ember server which in turn connects to the Rails server on 3000 (no change there)

This suggests for docker you probably just need to run the container with a port mapping to send incoming calls to 4200 to get it to work with ember CLI?

Actually I get Ember CLI work now as you said(Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker - #160 by hawm), but not work with DiscourseConnect provider.


Nice. Got it. One more level of complexity … apologies was clearly solving only the part you’d already solved! :slight_smile: