Unable to Allow Group Access to System Queries

Hi there, I’m currenly playing around with the Data Exporer plugin on my forum and in one of the settings “Allow groups to access this query”, after choosing the group and click accept :white_check_mark:, it popped up an error saying as per title.

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I didn’t got that error but :white_check_mark: and :x: don’t disappear without reloading the page. Group access works anyway.

My version is… I don’t really know, but like two days old.

Thank you for the report, we’re working on a fix :mag:

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There has been a bit of exploration over PM for this one, but just to report back here publicly too for anyone reading along at home… Interestingly, this seems to only affect created by system queries that have yet to be run at least once. A workaround for the short-term while we look into it further is to make sure the query is run before attempting to make it available to a group.

I’ll update here with more information when it’s available. :+1:

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This has been fixed :+1: