What is the difference between custom invite mailer, invite forum mailer and custom invite forum mailer?


(Christoph) #1

Uner Customize -> Email templates (as well as under Emails -> Templates) there are three very similar sounding templates:

  1. custom invite mailer
  2. invite forum mailer
  3. custom invite forum mailer

(to add to the confusion, the latter two are currently both labelled as “invite forum mailer” in the menu -
as reported here)

Could someone clarify the difference between these, i.e. where each is used. In particular, I would like to know which one I should edit if I want to change the email sent to bulk invitees.

(Arpit Jalan) #2

invite mailer

This template is used when inviting a user to a topic.

This template is used when inviting a user to a topic with custom message.

This template is used when inviting a user to a forum.

This template is used when inviting a user to a forum with custom message.

In this case you should edit invite forum mailer.

(Christoph) #3

Aaah, so “custom” in these names refers to the custom message the user can enter just before sending the invite, not a message customized by the admin, right?

(Arpit Jalan) #4

Yes, that is correct.

(Jesse Perry) #5

How do I enable the ability to invite people to a topic with a custom message? I see no setting for this, and when I invite someone, I’m only given the option of entering their username.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Do you have SSO enabled?

(Jesse Perry) #7

Yes, I do. Is that preventing it?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Invites would bypass the parent site auth so that is not possible.

(Jesse Perry) #9

Sorry, I’m not sure what that means. I’m inviting someone to a topic, not as a new member to the site. The invite button works, it just only lets me enter the username. Does not give me the option to share a message with them as well.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

To post in the topic they must create a new account, yes? Under SSO this means the account must be created at the parent site first, not in Discourse.

Thus invites to new users are not possible with SSO enabled. Disable SSO if you wish to send invites to new users.

(Jesse Perry) #11

Sorry, to clarify this is to existing users. Not trying to invite new users to the Discourse. Just invite existing, SSO enabled users to the specific topic. In fact I’m only given the option of username (so it wouldn’t be possible to invite new users)

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Existing users just get a notification, there is no place for that text to go. New users would get an email which contains a body which could have lots of text. Notifications do not contain anywhere close to the volume of text a full email does.

(Carson) #13

Hi, to clarify:

So, if my bulk invite file has:
Column A: email
Column B: multiple groups
Column C: Topic I want them to see first

I want to modify “Invite Forum Mailer” to have the email template for this invite campaign sent to those included in the bulk invite file?

(Simon Cossar) #14

When you are including a topic_id in the CSV file, the template you need to edit is the Invite Mailer.

(Carson) #15


Here’s a mockup for another approach to group invites:

Design approach:

  • Make it obvious which invite text will go with the bulk invite - much more difficult to send the wrong invitation text to the bulk invited users
  • Enable setting the interface language for invited users (bonus points, helpful for global, multi-lingual communities)
  • Enable saving the settings as a template (“Invite Australian Alumni”) so that the invitation text and interface language can be set and forgotten. Then all the admin needs to do is open that template, add the .csv file, and those group invitations are on their way.