Unable to delete an entry from the cog dropdown in composer

I’ve been trying to get rid of the “Hide Details” entry from the cog dropdown in the composer, as it’s seldom used on my forum. However, I’m having a hard time trying to do so.

After finding the entry and it’s selector in the Chrome Developer tools, I tried this

div.select-kit-body > ul.select-kit-collection.ember-view  > li:nth-child(1)

However, that would take the first entry off of much of the lists on the entire site, so I tried to expand it based on the selector of the element above it (highlighted in blue).

resulting in this.

button.select-kit-header.single-select-header.btn-default.dropdown-select-box-header.btn.no-text.btn-icon.ember-view > div.select-kit-body > ul.select-kit-collection.ember-view  > li:nth-child(1)

However, this doesn’t work and just brings back the entry I’m trying to get rid of. I should add I’ve also tried it without the “ember-view” at the end, same result.

If anyone could help with or has prior experience with this, I’d be very grateful.

That element doesn’t have a unique class since this hasn’t come up before.

It does have a unique attribute, though, so you can use that to create an attribute selector that only targets that element like so

.d-editor-button-bar [data-value="insertDetails"] {
  display: none;

this worked! thanks a million @Johani.

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