Unable to login to staging site after the backup has been restored

After we have restored the production backup into our staging site we are unable to login to our staging portal.


Can someone please take this up on priority ?

it is being redirected to SSO and the above error is shown kindly help on priority

If you’re looking for priority assistance you could contract someone in the marketplace. Alternatively you may consider managed hosting (with ourselves or other providers). They often provide priority/dedicated support as part of their paid plans.

Sure will think about it.
But can someone help me login before that ?

Our community is very helpful so I’m sure someone will chime in if they can help. Though just as an FYI, asking for priority assistance for free help is often considered poor etiquette.

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Then see

Hi Daniela,

Now our staging url is being redirected to production URL
When i type my staging URL the production URL is getting loaded how can we check this ?

Today i have took a backup from prod and imported it into staging from UI
after importing the Backup i have restored it.

After successful restore i was unable to login.

Now i am being redirected to prod portal

What if you try the /u/admin-login URL they suggested? I believe that should email you a link you can use to log in.