Unable to rebuild app

ssia. I’ve been unable to update, either in console or within Discourse. Have tried countless things, including disabling all plugins, to no avail. If anyone can deduce anything from the screencap of the console when I tried to rebuild, I’d be super grateful.

Looks like a failed migration, but we need the log lines from earlier in order to determine why they are failing.

Not a migration, though I did migrate a few months ago though I was able to update and rebuild a good few times after that. This is just a rebuild however. Will try and get the entire log later.

He means a database migration. Upgrades sometimes include changes to the database structure. It looks like that’s what failed (perhaps a corrupt database index or errant plugin, but those are wild guesses).

If you can’t scroll back, just try again. Rather than a screen shot, copying the text is better. And you can paste it between back ticks like

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