Unable to type chat using Hub app on iPhone

Today when the keyboard appeared I wasn’t able to scroll the main screen down.


I don’t experience this

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Usually I don’t either. I’ve noticed it not working perfectly before but this time thought I should report it. I’m happy to answer questions about it :slight_smile:

I’ve just noticed. When I type blindly and click “Done” the letters I’ve typed do appear on the message.

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This happened on android a bit ago, I cant reproduce on my iPhone 12.

I think it was the banner. When I dismiss it, it all works fine.


I was getting the same bug on iOS and oddly didn’t think to post in a topic :man_facepalming:t3:

The banner only appeared for me after clicking in the reply box and then yes, once I dismissed the banner, I was able to see the reply box again.

Or is it just focus that has been an issue sometime now? It works after chat gets a push.

Yes there can be issues where you need to touch the scroll list upward first, I will make further improvements in the near future, this is quite complex to get right.