Unclear options when moderator sees flagged post

(Chris Beach) #1

As an admin I’ve had more than one question from moderators around the flag workflow. Particularly when there’s an active flag and they get the agree/disagree/defer options.

The confusion comes from the thumbs-up / thumbs-down. Are they giving a thumbs-up to the post or the flag?

It would be helpful if there was an explanation shown on this UI. This is especially important when a mod’s decision will have ramifications for the user who posted.

List of full moderation tools?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

They are taking an action on the flag.

(Chris Beach) #3

Sorry, I should have explained - yes - it’s clear to me after some experimentation. But it’s not immediately clear to others when they see the UI unfortunately.


I was confused about the same thing when I first saw the options as well (and thought it was just me) I didn’t know others had been confused about it too :grin: