Under which conditions can users create and edit new categories?

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So I want to give some users the ability to create, edit and delete categories. I’ve tried the different trust levels, activating the moderation option but my test account is still not able to edit categories. Is it maybe reserved for admins only? That would give them a lot of power though. Wondering if there is some kind of middle ground :thinking:

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there is a settings to allow mods to control categories


after setting that, the mods needs to do a page refresh

That’s almost certainly not true. Why do you want to do that? Can you describe your commmunity and concern and why you think everyone would need to create categories? Have you considered tags?


Perfect, thank you! Also just discovered the search in settings :sunglasses:

It’s the community for public health services in Germany. As public health professionals they know better what categories they need. We are currently in the pilot phase and therefore categories will need to change regularly and quickly based on their expertise.

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Ooh. I think I missed that. Or forgot.

That’s compelling if you have few enough of them doing it that they don’t create things at odds or overlapping each other. Hopefully the moderator thing will solve your issue!

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