Allow non-admin to edit category logo, details

(Ian Hitchcox) #1


I cannot find any documentation to allow users to edit their category logo without being an admin.

Is this possible? We have clans in our game and wanted to let the leader(s) of the clan to edit their own category logo, description etc.

We would rather avoid making them admins if possible, this is the only elevated privilege they should have.

(Sander Datema) #2

Haven’t looked into this, but I thought there was a setting that allows moderators to create new categories. I suppose they could change settings then as well.

(Ian Hitchcox) #3

I tried giving moderator status to a test user and it didnt help.

It only allowed them to edit categories when given full admin status

(Sander Datema) #4

Do you have this on?

(Ian Hitchcox) #5

Thanks, turning that on did allow the moderators to edit categories as we need them to.

However it’s preferred that they aren’t able to create new categories. If there’s a way to keep these things separate, and honestly I thought this would be more clearly documented, I would prefer that.

(Sander Datema) #6

Well, you could make that a feature request. Until then I suppose you tell your moderators to stay away from creating new categories. As long as you don’t have dozens of moderators, that should be doable.

(Ian Hitchcox) #7

To be fair it should have been there by default, it doesn’t seem like this system has been thought through very well, but will do when I have time.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it

(Sander Datema) #8

Er… you’re here for about two months now and if you look around, you’d notice Discourse is fully in active development. If there something you don’t like, tell about it, make suggestions, submit PRs, etc.

(Ian Hitchcox) #9

The account is two months old.

User roles and permissions are pretty basic imo.

(Sander Datema) #10

Glad you see it that way. Looking forward to a PR. :wink:

(Ian Hitchcox) #11

Some of us have multiple projects already. I’m sure there are many capable developers who can implement a user permission system

(Jeff Atwood) #12

There are, but are you willing to pay for it? :wink: Getting stuff for free is pretty nice, isn’t it?

(mountain) #13

To build upon this reasonable thought–

An admin should not make someone a moderator if no trust exists with that someone. Through experience, I understand this includes heads of clans/factions in a game. They became the leader for a sound reason, in theory.

One of those “common sense” things easily applied to most instances.

(system) #14