Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

I’m assuming you’re talking about another site - not meta.discourse.org. This post covers the default requirements to move between trust levels. Site admins can modify these requirements, making them higher or lower. It is also possible for an admin or moderator to lock a user’s trust level. You’ll need to reach out to the staff of the site in question for more details.


Hey Joshua,

I’m talking about FRTTO, which linked me to the guide of trust levels to your website: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

Is FRTTO part of your website?


Hey Clara,

I’m going to assume you’re talking about https://talk.frt.to/. They use the Discourse software, yes. However, as I mentioned above:

Even though FRTTO uses Discourse software doesn’t mean they haven’t modified the default settings. You’ll want to contact one of the staff members listed at About - TALK.FRT.TO, or use the email under Contact Us to chat with them.


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Hello. I have registered to this forum because I’m interested in this topic, since I’m an user from a somewhat popular spanish forum which is based on Discourse.

I have been registered in that forum for more than 4 years now. I’m still a basic user (level 1). There are users that earn the status of member (level 2) in 1 year, despite having way lower statistics than me (much lower number of posts, likes, reading time, etc). And since the admin of that spanish forum just ignores me when I ask him about the trust system, I did a bit of research and I ended up finding this forum.

My question is: can the administrator of a discourse forum, for example, intentionally block the progression of specific users to force them to stay at trust level 0-1, or increase his/her thresholds to ridiculous levels to effectively block that specific user from progress to further levels? Thanks!


Yes admins can lock useres to trust levels
It’s explained here


Aha. Then I think I now understand what happens. Probably the moderador has locked me to trust level 1, for a reason that I unknow. Probably because I had some arguments with some of his forum friends.


I have another question.

Does badges affect trust levels in any way? Or are them just a visual thing in your profile?


They’re just visual accomplishments in a user’s profile. Some of the activities that advance trust levels also grant badges, but they’re not tied together in any way.


Ok, thanks for the information.

I think that the admin of that forum has some kind of personal thing against me (I don’t understand why) because I’m still sitting at trust level 1 after being an active user for more than 4 years. I have tried to conctact him to ask why I’m still a lvl 1 user while there are people that earn the trust lvl 2 after 1 year or so after registering.

I think I can assume he has blocked my trust progression to lvl 1 for some reason that I can’t really explain.


It’s also possible the admin prefers to promote manually, instead of automatically, and is only promoting people they favour. (A similar outcome, but not quite so negative.)

There are many badges, and as noted almost all are independent. But I think the ones which indicate trust level (Member, Regular) are indeed fixed to trust level. They might have been given different names.


What does that mean? Are the requirements checked every 100 days and if you don’t meet one of them you’ll be demoted back to member?

Does that apply for the very first time only when you receive Trust Level 3 or if say you lose it, then get it back you’ll be immune to being demoted for another 2 weeks or not?

If you can lose Trust Level 3, can’t you lose Trust Level 4 as well?

“Auto-silence” referring to silencing the user in whole or just from 1 particular topic?


@Discourceman245 You can always lose TL3, no matter if you got it for the 1st time or not. Unless an admin (or moderator) lock you in trust level 3, in this case you will never lose it (actually, an admin/moderator can lock you in a trust level even if you never fullfilled the requirements to have it, as well as lock you in a trust level worse than what you would normally have).


Only admins/moderators can promote someone to TL4, in which case the user will be locked in that trust level (there aren’t requirements to be fullfilled to reach TL4, as it happens for TL1 to TL3, you can only get it by an admin defining you as TL4).


So if I got Trust Level 3, I could lose it no matter what if I dip below the requirements (unless I’m locked into Trust Level 3)? And Trust Level 4 is (shall we say) “auto-locked”?


You are correct for both questions.

  • You can lose TL3 if you go below the requirements.
  • An Admin can lock you at TL3 - so there are no longer any minimum requirements.
  • TL4 is “auto-locked” unless revoked by an Admin.

Q: The guide says that you can (to paraphrase):

Get to trust level #NNN by:

Does this mean (a) AND (b) AND (c), or does it mean (a) OR (b) OR (c)? Seems a bit ambiguous.

After spending about half an hour trying to figure out how to join a discussion, then figuring out I can’t, I’m still confused how I “reply” to a discussion, to get to Level 3 (how do I “reply” if reply is not enabled?)… I’m done trying to expend the effort trying to figure out if that’s a Catch-22. This is far too complicated, honestly.


Some sites may have changed the requirements to reach a certain Trust Level! Also, your Trust Level could have been locked to TL0 (Trust Level 0)! This article talks about the default discourse requirements!


Thanks, but that still doesn’t answer the basic question:

Let’s just stick to defaults: Do I need to check everything off the list of requirements to get to the next level, or just one item on the list? The wording is ambiguous.


Yes, you have to meet all requirements to go up a Trust Level (that is, unless your Trust Level has been locked)!


Hi there,
I have a question: in TL4 it says the member can “Can send personal messages to an email address”.

Could you explain this a bit further? Does it mean that they can send a PM from Discourse to any user, and this user will receive it in their email?

Thanks in advance, and happy new year to you all :slight_smile: