Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Probably none of the above. Most likely to be that Fiverr changed some site settings.

You should ask them if you want to find out why :wink:


@oliver-gramberg, another thought. Did you just sign up for your account on the Fiverr forums the same day you posted the screenshot? We have 2 sets of new user restrictions: TL0 and first 24 hours. You may have reached TL1 and thus removed the TL0 restrictions, but you still have the first day user restrictions. See “New User” in Description of various user states in Discourse


Yes, I signed up there only today. The distinction between the two sets is not obvious from reading this page, though, especially if the error message says “new user” but applies to the “first day” set. Please consider consolidating these these two pages!


Thanks to the Discourse team for all their work and for this blog post explaining the trust level system. :smiley:

My first thought was that there are a lot of statistics and metrics quoted (eg “of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)”), which is great, but I would like to hear about how some of the numbers are chosen, if there is any other research we can link to?

I think reputation systems have the potential to get very complex and political, but when well developed they are obviously so important to online communities. There is the potential to be very innovative by a research-led development of the trust system, looking at how different policies affect the well-being of online communities over time.



Thank you for this!

I searched for this in the admin CP at first, in the userlevels menu. That is where I expected an explanation of what each level actually is capable of as well. It wasn’t there.

I now use this topic as a reference, but it would be nice to have the permissions for each level available somewhere in the admin CP. Maybe as an help text next to the user trust level?


There could be a link to it here, that seems like an obvious place to put it @jomaxro feel free to make that so.



redundancy for emphasis!

having some math formulas to easily adjust the numbers with a single parameter for each level (or even for all levels) would be really nice.

now… an email notification with a conversation around “what’s pm” brought me here. now i can’t find it anymore.

just wanted to also point that “dm” is probably a better term, for too many reasons.



Failed to update here. Thanks to @joffreyjaffeux the ? Jeff pointed to above now links to the Trust Level blog.

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