Understanding "helpful flags" on user profiles

:bookmark: This topic explains what “helpful flags” means on a user’s profile page and how this metric is calculated.

:person_raising_hand: Required user level: Moderators and Admin

When you view a user’s profile on Discourse, you might notice a metric called “helpful flags”. This number represents the user’s contribution to community moderation through the effective use of the flagging system.

Helpful flags on user profile

How are helpful flags calculated?

Helpful flags are counted when:

  1. The user flags a post
  2. A moderator reviews the flag
  3. The moderator takes one of these actions:
    • Agrees with the flag
    • Ignores the flag (which can sometimes be appropriate)

It’s important to note that if a moderator disagrees with the flag, it is not counted as a helpful flag.

Why are helpful flags important?

Helpful flags are a measure of a user’s positive contributions to community moderation. They indicate that the user is actively helping to maintain the quality and appropriateness of content on the forum.


Q: Do all flags count towards helpful flags?
A: No, only flags that result in a moderator agreeing or ignoring the flag are counted.

Q: Can I see details of my helpful flags?
A: This information is only visible to moderators and admin, so is not visible to most users.

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