Understanding /logs/report_js_error 429

Hello :slight_smile:
Sometimes (Very often, every few refreshes) I get the following errors in the console:


_ember_jquery-530b142179f5d045197da32be369a38d97a6d334380b804c93b36445c494fe65.js:9851 POST URL/logs/report_js_error 429

_ember_jquery-530b142179f5d045197da32be369a38d97a6d334380b804c93b36445c494fe65.js:9851 POST URL/message-bus/2ec517ff460e4475a75740ccad8789b3/poll 429

What could be the issue? How should I debug it?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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429 is usually associated to the rate limit. I’m not sure what context triggers this issue though.
You can read more about the limits and how increasing if necessary here: Global rate limits and throttling in Discourse


report_js_error is nonessential / analytics, so the server saying it doesn’t want it right now is not a problem.

The message bus failure is more concerning; it uses long polling so shouldn’t normally be triggering ratelimits.