Where do rejected posts go?

So, there’s no log entry of me rejecting my users’s post… is there any chance that I can get a copy of it from somewhere?

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Good question, if it was a regular post that you deleted you can access it by visiting their profile and clicking or tapping on the deleted post indicator and count at the top of their profile.

Not sure for posts that were pending approval, that is a question for @eviltrout

I found them in queued_posts sitting there with a null topic_id but with a rejected_at timestamp.

So, no UI for rejected posts yet, but their message-bodies aren’t gone. I’m not sure where to look for the subject, but that’s not an issue on my mind at the moment.

Yes, good searching :smile:

The data for rejected posts is not purged, we keep it in a “rejected” state. I left it that way in case we want to make a UX to browse them in the future.


In that case, an undo (discussed in another topic) should be easy. Just keep it around in the UI, add an endpoint to undelete.

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