Units for reports

I’m poking around in reports and I’m looking at ‘Time to first response’


I have deduced (okay, assumed) that the y-axis scale is some unit of time, but darned if I know which one. A high of 210 days to first response is a bit different than 210 femtoseconds…

There’s a similar problem on the more prosaic tabular form:

But actually it’s a bit worse here since there is a label (‘Count’) that doesn’t make sense in a ‘time’ context. And that’s actually one reason I flipped over to the graph, to see if it made more sense that way.

It’s in hours. The question mark has a tool-tip:

As for the “Count” … :vampire:


Hi @ganncamp, yes it’s in hours, in the chart and also the “count” column.

Agreed it’s not perfectly clear, can’t work on this right now, but will make a note to think how I could improve this.


Maybe not hide important information under a question mark? :grin:
I’m reminded that the ‘?’ information is available by default on the list of reports. Why show it there and hide it on the actual report?

Sorry, I don’t understand. It’s actually visible on each report page. Can you show me where it’s not visible please, that’s probably a mistake if that’s the case.

The reason we do this it that multiple times the actual description of the axis is very hard to explain in few words and we wouldn’t have space to show it here. So while I agree I would prefer to have the description directly on the axis, it was more convenient to have a solution working on every cases.

I recently updated the chart library we use, and I think I could come up with something better now.

It’s not visible on the report page until you mouseover the ‘?’:

Vs being visible by default in the list of reports: